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Rules for Student Web Publishing

  1. You may not use OC pages to solicit or advertise.
  2. You may not use any official OC seal or graphic on your personal page.
  3. You should update your OC homepage on a regular basis. Pages which are not updated regularly may be deleted.
  4. Your email address and last updated date should be at the bottom of your first page.
  5. You must not use the webserver to store programs, class assignments, or anything that is not explicitly associated with your webpages. (e.g. JAVA is allowed but HTML editors are not).
  6. Your conduct must be appropriate and consistent with the mission of Oklahoma Christian University.


How do I use a counter on my pages?

We do not offer an easy way to do this on our server right now. There are services on the web that offer free counters. A good example is Webtracker.

How much space do I get for my webpage?

The quota is set at 30Mb. If you need more space, email the Support Central and explain your reason for needing more space.

How do I make custom graphics for my webpage?

Adobe Photoshop is available for your use in the Mac Lab.